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Air ConditionerLiving in Bryan & College Station, TX, your cooling system is tested for durability throughout the long, hot summer.  There’s never a good time for a malfunction.  Efficiency is a major priority, humidity control is absolutely essential, and cooling equipment had better last, year after year.  

How do you ensure optimum performance of your air conditioner?  With an affordable maintenance plan from R.M. Mullinix.  We tailor a service agreement to accommodate your schedule, meet your exact needs, and deliver maximum value for your investment.  Our NATE-certified team of air conditioning specialists take on the responsibility of the upkeep of your cooling system, and promote superior operation.  That way, you can go ahead and take the cool comfort of your home for granted.

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Air Conditioning Service in Bryan & College Station, TX

Like any major appliance that carries a heavy workload, your cooling equipment will suffer from gradual wear and tear.  An air conditioner is a machine made from advanced technology. There are any number of minor things that can go wrong.  Through annual inspection, those small faults are detected and corrected before they grow into major problems.  When air conditioning service is scheduled in the spring, before temperatures soar, there is plenty of time to replace any necessary parts.  

Keeping your cooling system operating smoothly avoids the majority of sudden repair needs and significantly extends service life.  Not only that, your system will cost less to operate.  To achieve the manufacturer’s expectations for efficiency, every component needs to work at peak capacity.  Without service, dirt and debris, loose connections, friction, blocked coils, inaccurate refrigerant charge, and a long list of possibilities can compromise performance.  You won’t feel as cool and comfortable, while utility costs steadily rise.  There’s also the potential of degraded air quality, property damage, and the inability to handle humidity levels.  By performing meticulous cleaning of the air conditioner, R.M. Mullinix promotes superior filtration, safeguarding your breathing air from pollutants and preventing contaminants from infiltrating the inner workings.  With proper filtration, the need for duct cleaning is virtually eliminated.

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At R.M. Mullinix, we bring intense factory training, years of in-field experience, and cutting-edge cooling equipment to every service project.  Through comprehensive cleaning, troubleshooting, tuning, and adjustment, we restore every component to original capacity.  You’ll enjoy quieter, more efficient and reliable operation of your air conditioner.  You’ll benefit from lower monthly costs, extended service life, and a cleaner, healthier supply of refreshingly cool air.  Consider annual maintenance an effective allergy and asthma remedy, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.  Our NATE-certified professionals work on all makes and models of AC systems, keep an organized job site, complete all work quickly, and maximize the rewards of your investment.  When you contact R.M. Mullinix to protect your comfort, you can’t go wrong.

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