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commercial hvac servicesOverseeing the temperature control of your commercial facility requires a multi-faceted approach, incorporating safety, air quality, comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency.  Every decision has a tremendous impact on both day-to-day and long-term operation.  To provide a productive, welcoming, and healthy environment for customers, workers, and sensitive material, depend on the experienced professionals from R.M. Mullinix.  We deliver the knowledgeable recommendations, expert service, and cost-effective results that allow you to take the comfort and enjoyment of your workspace for granted.  Since 1948, our staff has upheld an unwavering commitment to our commercial customers, providing quality design/build, retrofits, maintenance, and repairs to meet specific needs.  We are well-trained, and have the experience and sophisticated tools to accurately evaluate building requirements, pinpoint areas of concerns, and respond with quick completion of all projects.  Through our affiliation with American Standard, we offer a broad range of packaged units and split systems with a variety of applications to provide flexibility and meet your goals for productivity, efficiency, and capacity.

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When the licensed professionals from R.M. Mullinix manage your commercial installation project, you’ll benefit from prompt action, an organized process from start to finish, and turnkey completion.  We not only design a system that suits your current needs, but consider future growth, implementing equipment that can adapt to the evolution of your business.  To protect the longevity and integrity of your commercial HVAC system, we offer customized maintenance programs.  With quarterly, comprehensive inspection and tuning from R.M. Mullinix, we can trim overall energy costs from five to forty percent, depending on the system and facility.  In the average commercial building, temperature control is responsible for more than forty percent of total energy use.  Maintaining heating and cooling systems in peak condition is essential to  efficiency and controlling overhead.  Reactive service, or waiting for problems, is the most expensive method of maintaining HVAC equipment.  It also results in needlessly higher costs, longer downtime, disruption, and shortened service life.  Trust the NATE-certified team from R.M. Mullinix to handle the upkeep of your heating and cooling system.  We work on all types, styles, and brands, eliminating the majority of repair needs, extending lifespan, restoring efficiency, and ensuring an ample supply of clean, healthy, and temperature-controlled air.

For all your commercial heating and cooling repairs, services, and installations, we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action for you and your business!

If you are confronted with the need for repair or replacement, know that R.M. Mullinix accommodates your schedule, provides rapid response, and arrives equipped to handle the majority of service needs in a single visit.  For your retrofit project, have confidence that our trained specialists take the necessary steps to ensure your specific needs are met with perfectly sized, top quality equipment.  Swapping one system for another might be quick and easy, but when you consider that your current unit may be twenty years old, it probably isn’t the best solution.  At R.M. Mullinix, we customize your new system to meet current load requirements and answer your highest expectations for cost-effective, consistent temperature control.  Through a close attention to detail, we ensure the highest return for your investment.

When you contact R.M. Mullinix for all of your commercial heating, cooling, ventilation, and air quality needs, expect unfailing professionalism and courtesy.  We respect the demands of your business, and work tirelessly to facilitate service.  A rewarding project, from start to finish, is accomplished through flexible scheduling, quick turnaround, accurate solutions, and respect for your property.  We protect your financial, safety, and comfort concerns with dependable, honest, and skilled service.  Whether the job is big or small, R.M. Mullinix makes your needs our top priority.

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