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Ductwork is costly, inefficient, and bulky.  Installation requires major renovation, mess, and upheaval.  Let the professionals from R.M. Mullinix eliminate the need for ductwork with the rewarding option of a ductless mini split system.  Delivering temperature controlled air directly and gently to every corner of your room, a mini split system eliminates energy losses, dust, and drafts.  With a thermostat for each indoor unit, you customize comfort on a room by room basis, answering personal preferences, and conditioning only those rooms that are occupied.  These modern alternatives are up to 40% more efficient than standard window units for cooling, and integrate neatly into any decor, transforming one room, or as many as eight, into a comfortable living environment.  Contact the experienced team from R.M. Mullinix for quality products, skilled workmanship, and honest pricing.  We handle your project from start to finish with the dependable, prompt, and courteous service that allows you to relax and enjoy the highest rewards from your investment.

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ductless mini split air conditioning in Bryan & College Station, TXWhatever the size of the room you want to condition, duct-free systems from Mitsubishi Electric deliver the flexibility and energy efficiency to exceed your expectations.  An industry leader in ductless technology, Mitsubishi continues to offer cutting-edge options for any home in any climate.  Providing control of up to eight zones, I FEEL mode on the newer M-Series equipment monitors indoor temperature, then based on the results, determines the mode the unit will operate in.  I SEE sensor automatically reacts to ceiling and floor temperature with necessary adjustments to maintain peak comfort and efficiency.  There’s no repetitive startup and shutdown and none of the temperature fluctuations that are often associated with forced air systems.  An inverter-driven compressor optimizes energy use by adapting speed for longer run times at lower capacity.  This adds up to cost savings, superior comfort, and quiet operation.

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The indoor unit is compact, lightweight, and can be installed discreetly, high on the wall.  A small three-inch opening is required for refrigerant lines and wiring.  The outdoor unit can be located nearly fifty feet away and offers a slim profile, allowing it to be mounted in an unobtrusive location, such as the back or side of the house.  Say goodbye to portable heating and cooling units.  Avoid the dust, drafts, and energy waste of ductwork.  Enjoy the many advantages of ductless HVAC.  And when you count on the professionals from R.M. Mullinix for installation, we complete your project quickly, neatly, and accurately.  Know that our goal is your complete satisfaction with our work and your new system, not only today, but year after year.  As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, we specialize in groundbreaking ductless technology and are extensively trained in proper installation and service technique.  Our hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge uniquely qualifies the team from R.M. Mullinix to answer your more exacting demands for comfort.

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