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FurnaceAny machine or appliance that you rely on for continued operation requires periodic upkeep. Your furnace is no exception.  Cleaning, tuning, and the occasional replacement part will promote reliable, consistent and efficient heating from your furnace or heat pump.  Professional inspection is also critical to protect against safety hazards such as carbon monoxide leakage, fire, and degraded air quality.  A family owned heating company since 1948, R.M. Mullinix upholds a long standing tradition of quality service in Bryan & College Station, TX.  We take care of our customers.  Trust us with the regular maintenance of your heating system and we’ll keep you perfectly comfortable, season after season.

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At R.M. Mullinix, we are frequently asked if seasonal maintenance of HVAC equipment is really necessary.  The answer is an emphatic yes.  All manufacturers highly recommend professional service, and most often, it is a stipulation of warranty coverage.  There’s a very good reason for this.  Through regular inspection, the NATE-certified heating contractors from R.M. Mullinix will identify and address any flaws within the system.  Connections are tightened.  Moving parts are lubricated.  Worn or broken parts are replaced.  Everything, top to bottom, inside and out, is completely cleaned.  Maximum airflow is ensured.  Your heating system is restored to peak condition.  This means fewer repairs, longer service life, greater efficiency, more effective filtration, and far greater capacity.  In other words, you’re going to enjoy superior indoor comfort for significantly lowered costs.  By investing a little now, you save a great deal more as your heating system operates smoothly and consistently, year after year.

In order for your heating unit to meet manufacturer’s expectations for efficiency, reliability, and filtration, comprehensive service is essential.  By maintaining filters, the inner workings of the heating system are protected from dust and debris.  This eliminates the need for duct cleaning.  While some homeowners schedule duct cleaning simply because it seems logical, it is only occasionally necessary and can actually do more harm than good.  There is always a risk of damage to the system.  The EPA does not recommend that the air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only as needed.  The process can prove messy, time-consuming, and cost-intensive.  At R.M. Mullinix, we prefer to take proactive steps to protect your furnace and duct systems from harmful bacteria, dirt, and blockages.  Seasonal maintenance is far more affordable, beneficial, and effective.

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To provide greater convenience and rewards, R.M. Mullinix offers a range of customized service plans to suit the exact needs of our residential and commercial heating customers.  Our team of licensed professionals accommodate your schedule, complete work quickly, and safeguard your home and property against mess and damage.  By focusing on safety, efficiency, and reliability, we prepare your furnace for the coming winter, making sure you enjoy uninterrupted and ideal comfort season after season.  Dependable, honest, and experienced technicians deliver results you can count on to improve the value of your investment.  Contact R.M. Mullinix for all of your residential and commercial heating service needs.

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