Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill this Winter

Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill this WinterWinter is upon us and the temperatures are dipping. For many people this is the time of year when the thermostats get cranked up and the blankets piled high. But before you do the former, consider your energy bill! In order to stay comfortable and keep your costs down, check out these energy saving tips. If you need any assistance with HVAC related services, don't hesitate to contact your local pro.

Lower your thermostat

While it is tempting to crank the heat to stay warm, consider an extra layer of clothing instead. Turning up the temperature is going to cost you all winter long, so set it as low as possible, without being uncomfortable.

Seal air leaks

This is a good time of year to seek out air leaks in your home in order to seal them, so warm air can't escape. You'll want to inspect plumbing and other penetration areas (where pipes go in and out of your home), gaps around chimneys, and be sure to check an unfinished areas in your home for areas where air may escape, such as behind closets. Use caulking or weatherstripping to seal leaky doors and windows.

Heating System Maintenance

All HVAC systems will require maintenance. Having a professional HVAC technician conduct annual services will keep your HVAC system operating at maximum efficiency. This includes oiling moving parts of the furnace, checking belts and replacing the filters as necessary.

Lower your water heater temperature

Another way to reduce your energy costs is to lower your water temperature to below 120 degrees. Not only will you see a reduction in your energy costs, but you'll avoid sudden bursts of excessively hot water in the showers.

Clean air vents

Be sure that all outlets in which heated air is dispersed from are clear and clean. Do not cover them with anything, and make sure vents are filled with lint and other contaminants.

If you need assistance with HVAC maintenance in Bryan or College Station in order to keep your energy bill low, don't hesitate to contact the team at R.M. Mullinix. When you recruit us our crew of expert residential HVAC technicians will be on their way shortly, and you'll be comfy and saving money in no time. To learn more, or to request residential HVAC service in College Station or Bryan give us a call at (979) 383-2508 today.


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