5 Tips to get Your HVAC System Ready for the Cooler Months

5 Tips to get Your HVAC System Ready for the Cooler MonthsCold weather can take a serious toll on HVAC systems. Before the chills set in you ought to make sure your heating system is up to the challenge keeping you warm all winter long. There are a few routine maintenance services you can complete, as well as some precautionary steps to ensure your house is thoroughly heated. While some of these things can be completed in the DIY sense, you'll likely want to hire a professional HVAC technician to help with the more complicated items on this list.

Replace the Filter

Arguably the most important thing you can do to keep your HVAC system blowing breathable, heated air all winter long is to ensure that the air filter is clean. Filters generally need to be replaced every 3 months as is, so this is often something a homeowner can do on their own, but be sure you use the proper filter for your system.

Blower Motor Service

You will want to ensure the blower motor is in good shape before the cold fronts hit. If capable, check the blower belt for cracks or other wear and tear. Next you will want to be sure the blower is properly lubricated by adding a dab of oil to it per the instructions in the owner's manual. If this service is out of your wheelhouse don't hesitate to contact a professional HVAC service company.

Check the Exhaust System

HVAC motors, just like cars, create hazardous exhaust fumes as they operate. Be sure the exhaust system is properly sealed so that the carbon monoxide can safely exit your home. To be extra safe ensure your house is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector, as this gas has no smell or color, but is extremely poisonous.

Clear the Vents

Be sure all the vents in your home are clear and that air can flow through them with ease. If you find a vent that is not letting air pass through call an expert HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

Fire-Proof Areas

Finally, before you start blasting heat make sure there is nothing flammable within the vicinity of your furnace or any vents in which the hot air comes out of.

These steps will help keep your house properly heated all fall and winter long. Should you have any questions or need assistance with HVAC maintenance in Bryan or College Station, TX, or the surrounding communities, contact R. M. Mullinix. Our expert commercial and residential HVAC technicians will make sure you'll stay warm all winter. To learn more ot to request an estimate for superior HVAC service in Bryan give us a call at (979) 383-2508 today.


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