When does a furnace need to be repaired?

When does a furnace need to be repaired?Fall is once again just around the corner and soon you'll be relying on your heating system to keep you comfortable. Before the cooler temperatures hit, you'll want to make sure that your furnace is prepared to efficiently do its job. A faulty furnace could result in wasted energy and wasted money. Here's a look at six must-know signs that it's time to repair or replace your furnace.

Old Age

When a furnace reaches the age of 15, it'll be time to start thinking about replacement, even if it's still doing its job.

Uneven Heating

When furnace heat is unequally distributed, you could end up wasting excessive amounts of energy in some areas, while other areas go cold.

Struggles to Warm Up

If you've usually been able to warm up the area by just cranking it up a few notches, but that is now no longer the case, then replacement may be needed.

Increasing Electricity Bills

There are a few different issues that could cause this, with one of them being trouble with your furnace.

Humidity Problems

In the event that condensation starts to accumulate in your home, then there's reason to call in an HVAC specialist who can further investigate the issue and provide accurate diagnosis and repairs.

Keeps Needing to Be Repaired

Rather than continuing to get nickled and dimed, you can pull the plug and start fresh with a new furnace.

If you're in need of heating system repair or replacement, be sure to get in touch with a reputable HVAC specialist. For furnace repair in College Station and Bryan, TX, the experts to contact are at R.M. Mullinix at (979) 383-2508. Feel free to give R.M. Mullinix a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your HVAC needs!


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