Why is my commercial HVAC system failing?

Why is my commercial HVAC system failing?To keep your business operations running smoothly and comfortably, you need your HVAC system to function as it should. At the first sign of trouble with a commercial HVAC system, you'll want to have an inspection conducted by a specialist who can then get right to work on remedying the issue. Here's a look at six common causes of commercial HVAC failure.

Problem with Capacitor

HVAC systems often have a start capacitor and a run capacitor. The start capacitor gives the system a needed boost to get it going, while the run capacitor keeps things moving at a consistent speed. Capacitors are liable to burn out, in which case they will need to be replaced.

Blown Fuse

If a fuse blows, your HVAC system could become prone to overheating.

Thermostat Issue

To maintain optimal temperature control, your thermostat needs to be functioning properly. If there's a problem with it, the air temperature throughout the office could become uneven.

Leaking Refrigerant

It's important that any refrigerant leak is repaired as quickly as possible. A refrigerant leak could mean that you'll need to replace your evaporator coil or condenser.

Overheated Compressor

The compressor is the command center for your AC unit. It could become overheated if it is under or overcharged with refrigerant.

Clogged Drain Lines

Clogged drain lines will result in the pan filling up, which can consequently lead to a leak that causes water damage.

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