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Air ConditionerDon’t settle for anything less than perfect performance from your cooling equipment!  If you’re experiencing unpleasant odors, annoying sounds, frequent cycling, poor humidity control, fluctuating temperatures, or complete system failure, call the air conditioning experts from R.M. Mullinix.  Our NATE-certified technicians deliver the prompt, dependable, and honest assistance you need to get back to enjoying perfect temperature control. Our air conditioning company services all makes and models, has experience with every possible issue, and puts our in-depth training and leading-edge equipment to work for you.  Since first opening our doors in 1948, R.M. Mullinix is the name home and business owners across Bryan & College Station, TX trust for all of their cooling needs.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Bryan & College Station, TX

When it comes to air conditioning repairs, people tend to procrastinate.  Concerns over wasted time, expense, and unpleasant surprises often convince homeowners to get by with malfunctioning equipment.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the longer you wait, the greater the cost will be to repair the unit.  Handling AC repairs quickly is essential to minimizing time, labor, and expense.  

Contacting R.M. Mullinix for professional service is the key to a rewarding experience and results that work.  Know that we won’t keep you waiting, inconvenience you with long delays, or disrupt your schedule with multiple house calls.  Our licensed repair technicians are happy to answer any questions you might have, provide cost-effective solutions, and supply the information you need to make smart choices.  When you trust the service of your cooling equipment to R.M. Mullinix, our fleet of repair specialists ensure prompt response, and rest assured, your technician will arrive equipped with the sophisticated tools, parts, and expertise to complete most projects in a single visit.  By relying on top quality equipment, materials, and knowledgeable, trained professionals, we deliver solutions that last.

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Bryan & College Station, TX

In addition to a greater expense to run your air conditioner, small problems within the unit disturb the quality of your home or work environment. As a complex machine, your cooling system relies on each component working perfectly to maintain maximum efficiency.  Minor faults, such as worn belts or dust accumulation, cause equipment to work harder and longer to reach desired temperatures, consuming more energy and driving utility bills higher.  There’s also the concern of excess moisture, degraded air quality, and property damage.  Your best defense is prompt, knowledgeable, and conscientious service from R.M. Mullinix.  Our qualified cooling specialists provide accurate diagnosis, informed recommendations, and long-term solutions, making sure you benefit from the greatest return for your investment.  For air conditioning repair service in Bryan & College Station, TX, have complete confidence in R.M. Mullinix.

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